Friday, March 04, 2011

Day 6 - San Diego sightseeing

Cabrillo National Monument
 Wow, I have fallen in love with San Diego, what a great city. Had a wonderful day exploring the sights. We had little sleep in and a leisurely breakfast at the hotel then headed a few miles around the bay to the Cabrillo National Monument. I knew that San Diego had a naval history but I did not realize the extent of it's current influence. The monument was part of the Rosecrans Military Reservation and it overlooked the city, the Coronado bridge and the huge North Island Naval Base, which is a massive base with huge runways and military installations all over it.

View from Cabrillo National Monument 
 We drove down to the ocean side of Point Loma and saw some fins in the water, there are supposed to be grey whales migrating at this time of year, but we only saw one blow of water into the air and the fins looked more like porpoise or dolphins :-)

Yacht Race
 Drove by the America's Cup yacht squadron but could only see lots and lots of yachts in a marina :-)

Jane sitting in the cockpit
 Next we headed into the city and went to the USS Midway which is an ex-aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum. It was fascinating to do the tour. We listened to all the volunteers giving lectures on how the aircraft were launched and also how they land on the deck etc.. Being mid week the crowds were almost non existent so we were able to go up into the bridge etc without waiting in line. I think we were there for about 4 hours in the end - well worth a visit.

Coronado Bridge

Planes on the deck
 When we first pulled up at the Midway we saw some yachts sailing very close to the pier, we watched the first race start which was exciting. The lady who was doing the race commentary said that a lot of the crew were America's Cup crew. Just had a look at the local news and the race was the RC44 cup, so it was proper racing. The yachts looked pretty spectacular on their spinnaker runs.
The weather was beautiful. Started out a little overcast but the clouds burned off and the sun was nice and warm. We then decided to go and have a look at Torrey Pines Golf Club. We could not play the better known South Course because they were coring the greens today. We managed to have a bit of a look around, wandered through the shop, grabbed a couple of golf cards and took some pictures. We could not walk over to the coast line for the really good views so we drove around to the other side by the coast. We came across a hang gliding club and watched them for a while. Had a great view of the coast and could see a bit more of the golf course.
Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines

Beautiful coastline at Torrey Pines

Next we decided to go to another outlet centre that was pretty close. They all have slightly different shops so managed to buy a few more golf related clothes. Sean got quite a bit this time which was good. Only 2 more outlet shopping expeditions planned - one in Palm Springs and the other in Vegas.
Getting hungry so we drove back into town. Headed over the Coronado bridge and found a nice restaurant there - it said bistro outside but was in fact Modern Mexican. Very nice again, totally different food to last night.
Back to the hotel and packed ready for an early start tomorrow. Driving to Palm Springs and playing golf at 12md - time for sleep now.

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