Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 20 - Golf at Spyglass Hill

Jane & Sean - Spyglass Hill

Spyglass Hill
 Woke to the sound of the waves outside, very relaxing, slept well. Had breakfast brought to our room, this hotel is very nice :-). Went for a drive down 17 mile Drive, you are supposed to pay a fee to drive down it, but as we were playing golf there we did not have to pay. There are 6 major golf courses in this region, plus a Par 3 course. We followed the coast around and then went to Pebble Beach for a look.

Lone Cypress Tree
 Walked down to the 18th green, very nice. Beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, so the photo opportunities were good. Saw the Lone Cypress Tree, which is the logo that you see whenever you hear about Pebble Beach.

18th at Pebble Beach
 Went to Spyglass Hill and paid them a large amount of $$$$ to be able to play their course :-). Hit some balls on the practice range then met our playing partners, Matt and Mike. Matt was a local but his mate was from New York. Nice guys.
Very difficult course. It is listed as being one of the most difficult, and it certainly lived up to that, the greens were sooooooooo fast it was scary. Awesome course, every hole was different and the fairways and greens were in the most magnificent condition. I did not play very well for the front nine, but eventually got it together and came back well for the last 6 holes. Sean did not start well either, but he improved his game before me and came out ahead in the scores today. Not sure who won more over the 3 weeks, will have to read back over the posts, but I think that I may have just come out ahead?

Spyglass Hill

The Lodge - Pebble Beach
 Packed up the golf clubs and then came back for a shower. We did stop at the Pebble Beach shop or a final little shopping expedition! Did most of my packing, can just about get the case shut!! Off to the local Irish Pub for a St. Patricks day dinner, fish and chips which were very nice.
Last night tonight, leaving LA tomorrow night at 11:55pm and arrive home at 7:30am on Sunday - we miss Saturday completely. Will have a little sleep in and then take the scenic route back to LA via the coast. Will try to post a blog before we leave tomorrow night, otherwise I will see you all back in Oz.
Some local wildlife - deer!

Spyglass Hill

It has been an awesome holiday and I have enjoyed every minute of it, it has not gone by too quickly, just nice. I am looking forward to seeing my little cat again, I have missed her heaps. Back to work to pay for it all now !!

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