Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 13 - Golf at Wolf Creek - AWESOME!

Wolf Creek

1st Hole
 Up and on the road by 9am for a 90 min drive to a town called Mesquite, which is right on the border of Arizona. We played golf at Wolf Creek and I can honestly say it was the most amazing golf course I have ever played. The fairways were bright thick lush green grass that were cut into the mountains of the desert - very hard to describe, lots of water hazards and bunkers - the whole experience was absolutely awesome.

Green fairways set in the desert
 We played with 2 guys, Steve and Dave. Steve was from San Francisco and Dave from Denver. Really nice guys. Neither one of them played very well though!. We were told by the starter that the round would take at least 5 hours - lots of mountains to go up and down and lots of lost balls into the desert. It actually took 5 hours and 55 mins, which was very slow by golfing standards, but it did not matter because the views were so spectacular, and it did not feel that long.

A green set into the mountain

Weather was excellent, sunny 27 degrees and no wind - which the locals said was very unusual. I played quite well on such a difficult course, no balls lost in the desert although I did loose 2 in the water!. I finished with 29 points.
 Sean played ok too but it is much harder for him to score well with his low handicap and he had 2 unlucky breaks near the end, in fact his ball hit the pin on the 18th green and ricochet back 30 feet across the green!. He finished with 24 points.

Interesting bunkers

Jane & Sean at Wolf Creek

Had a nice drink with our playing partners afterwards then drove back to Vegas.
Still one more thing I wanted to see and that was the Fremont Street covered walkway that was a giant TV screen - arrived just in time to see a show, very clever. Back to hotel, into New York, New York for a nice dinner then up to our room for a shower and early night.

The Venetian

Fremont Street
It is now 11pm so must get to sleep. Heading up to Lake Tahoe tomorrow, going the scenic route along the edge of Yosemite National Park, should see lots of snow and some very pretty scenery.

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  1. now i don't do golf... but the course sounds fantastic! and strangely - for someone who doesn't play the esteemed game - i'm wildly jealous :) Looking forward to the lake tahoe chapter x