Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 18 - Raining in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Waves breaking under the bridge
 Woke late again. Had breakfast at the lovely cafe across the road - I had vanilla French toast with banana, very nice. Weather was overcast but no rain early on. Drove around and had a look at some of the beautifully renovated 4 story townhouses - really beautiful. Went to Fort Lookout which was right under the Golden Gate Bridge, great views today, watched the surfers catching waves as they came under the bridge, pretty scary as the waves were breaking onto the rocks.

 Drove over the bridge and headed for Muir Woods to see the Sequoia trees, but it started raining and by the time we got there it was quite heavy. Didn't feel like getting wet so decided to give this a miss and head over to Sonoma. Nice little old fashioned town with quite an interesting history. Had lunch in a nice cafe - second mouthful of my open sandwich with mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach and goats cheese and I found a hair (head hair luckily) in my meal!. The manager must have heard me say it was there and quick as a flash my meal was whipped away and a new serving prepared amongst big apologies. They did not charge us for my meal either so it was a cheap lunch!

Driving over the bridge
 Close to another outlet centre so decided to have a look as there was not much else we could do in the rain. Very small centre this time, only bought 1 pair of Gap jeans for $10 and Sean got a pair of golf shorts.
Headed back to hotel for shower and change then went to Sam's grill and seafood for dinner. This restaurant seems to be quite well known in SF and the reviews were pretty good. Very old fashioned, older male waiters wearing tuxedo's. We were seated in a booth that had high sides to give us some privacy. Nice sourdough bread on table waiting. I had the linguine with prawns and mussels which was absolutely delicious and only $16. Sean had veal piccata which was cooked in white wine and capers, also served with linguine, his was $16.50. It was a very enjoyable meal.
Tomorrow we are leaving San Francisco. Playing golf at Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz then going to Monterey. Weather is supposed to be slightly better tomorrow, but we came prepared for golfing in the rain so should manage to stay dry if not. I have enjoyed SF but I am pretty sure that
it is not Sean's favorite city, but then life would be boring if we all liked the same things :-)

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