Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day 11 - Las Vegas - Golf at Red Rock

Up early after a short but deep sleep. Had buffet breakfast then headed off to play golf at Red Rock Golf Club. It was about 15 mins from Vegas, up in the hills a little.

Red Rock Golf Club
Played with a couple from Canada, Sandee and Terry. They were good company and she played pretty well. Nice course, set in amongst some really big 6 bedroom million $$$ mansions. Course was well maintained and had some interesting holes.

You can see the strip in the distance

It was very windy this morning and also very cold, down into single figures overnight but sunny and warm during the day. The Canadians had shorts and golf sandles on! - I had shirt, jumper, vest and wind cheater, and I was still cold early on!. I suppose when you come from -20-30 celcius, this was warm!
Sean played well on the front 9 with 17 points, I struggled on the front, still a bit tired and sore, only making 9 points. On the back nine though I came good and had 23 points!! - total 32. Sean went off the boil on the back and only had 13 - total for him 30 points.

Red Rock GC

Headed off to one of the outlet centers (again - I can hear you all groaning!). We know the shops very well now and can zip in and out looking for exactly what we need. Both got more golf gear - I have managed to get 6 pairs of 3/4 pants for golf that actually fit. Enough of the outlets now I think!

Jane at Red Rock

Got tickets for a show called Jubilee - it is Las Vegas show girls, and some of them were topless - needless to say this show was Sean's choice :-) Something a bit different from what we have seen up to now. Back to the hotel for a shower and little rest first.

The Luxor

Went and saw the fountains at Bellagio, had dinner at Planet Hollywood then went to the 10:30pm show which was quite good. Costumes were amazing, some costing $25,000 each!
It is now 1am again, so time for bed. Tomorrow we are doing a helicopter trip from just off the strip out to the Grand Canyon, via the Hoover Dam and we fly down into the canyon for lunch. On the way back we are supposed to fly right over the strip - should be a good view :-)

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