Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 3 - Shopping and Ice Hockey

Another great day in LA. Started by going to a huge shopping centre called Del Amo, it had Sears, JC Penny and Macey's. They all had big sales on, but only bought one pair of trousers. Next we went to the big Citadel Outlet centre. A bit like our DFO but with real bargains and a wide variety of brands. Started with lunch at Ruby's Diner, listened to a guy in the next booth talking crap about things in Australia - as per his "friend" who lives 45 mins out of Sydney - it was soooooo hard for me not to say something, but Sean kept whispering across the table, telling me not to speak up :-)

Hollywood sign
 Shopped till we dropped, bought some great Izod golf shirts for $11 each - they were 80% off. Got Levi jeans that actually fit me for $30, a Guess bag, a Gap sweatshirt etc... Sean also got golf clothes and a few other items that he wanted. With the $$$$ being so good at the moment shopping here is excellent.
Next we decided to drive to Pasadena for a look, it was supposed to be very pretty with well manicured gardens etc.. All the snow that was on the mountains yesterday and this morning melted during the day (it was lovely aond sunny and warm today) and it certainly was pretty.

Next we came back to Hollywood, still couldn't drive all the way down Hollywood Boulevard as they were still disassembling the Oscars set-up, but we had a look at the Hollywood sign on the hill and some of the stars on the pavement. I have to say that it was a bit creepy and dirty around there, lots of sex shops and bong shops and weird people - felt much safer back in the car :-)

LA Kings ice hockey

Went to the Staples Centre and watched the LA Kings loose 7 to 4 in ice hockey against the Detroit Red Skins. Very entertaining sport to watch live, and it was sold out so the crowd atmosphere was great.

LA Kings

Time for bed now, heading to San Diego tomorrow.

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