Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 5 - Barona Creek Golf Club

Nice breakfast at the hotel then set off on a 40 minute drive into the hills to the Barona Creek Golf Club. There is also a huge resort and casino there, not that we visited either!.

Barona Creek Golf Club

Some great holes ....
 The scenery was absolutely breathtaking - the course was surrounded by mountains, some of which still had snow on top. The holes didn't look very exciting from a distance but once you played them they were excellent, lots of bunkers and links style scrub. We played with a father and son, Steve and Sean. Sean was very slow and I really hate slow golf, so I lost a bit of interest for a while and enjoyed the scenery instead. My Sean easily beat my score today so we level up the competition at 1 game each!

Barona Creek resort & casino
Really enjoyed the day. Back to our hotel for a shower and change, then headed out for dinner. We went to the Gaslamp district and had a REALLY nice Mexican meal. We figured we couldn't get closer to being in Mexico itself so we thought the food might be authentic - and it was, yum!

A warning about the wildlife
We drove back to our hotel which is at Liberty Station. I must say that the drivers over here are very courteous, no one honks their horns, everyone merges well and seeing as sometimes the freeways are upto 8 lanes each way, it all flows very well. 
Barona Creek GC
 We have a huge SUV - Ford Expedition, it fits the golf clubs and our luggage nicely!!
Tomorrow is a sightseeing in San Diego day. Could not play golf at Torrey Pines because they are coring their greens, but we will probably still go and have a look amongst other attractions :-)

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