Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 14 - Travel to Lake Tahoe

As much as I enjoyed Vegas I can honestly say that I was happy to leave that horrible smokey smell inside all the hotels and head for the beautiful clean air (and non-smoking laws) back in California. Nevada has different laws and encourage smokers to light up inside so that they stay and gamble for longer, consequently everyone who does not smoke has to also breathe in the awful fumes (apologies to any smokers reading this).
Death Valley
Anyway, back to the story ..... Left Vegas about 8:30am and headed north towards Lake Tahoe. We took the scenic route through Death Valley which was very barren and dry. The road trip was quite easy as there was little traffic and the roads were excellent. Didn't really feel like we were in the car all day as the scenery changes so fast and we had a few stops along the way.
Once we went through Death Valley the scenery turned to snow covered mountains and was very pretty. Arrived at our hotel about 6pm so could not see too much of the lake today - saving that for tomorrow.

Hotel swimming pool
 Rugged up into the coat, scarf, beanie and gloves - about zero degrees now - and walked up the street to find a restaurant for dinner. Found an Applebee's- same place we had dinner in Palm Springs so we knew the food was good. Nice meal then walked back to the hotel. Watching the very sad news about Japan on the BBC news which gives a much more realistic view of what has happened than the US news stations!!.
Tomorrow we will look around Lake Tahoe in the morning then head off to San Francisco via Sacramento - only about 3.5hrs drive.

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