Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 10 - Las Vegas

Our hotel - Excalibur
 Up and had breakfast before heading off to drive to Las Vegas. The NASCAR races were on in Vegas over the weekend, which is one of the reasons we chose to go midweek, but about 3 hours out of Vegas we started seeing loads of RV's, most of which were towing 4 wheel drives, all heading south. Must have seen well over 150 of them, plus all the semi's loaded with the Nascar team cars - glad we were going in the opposite direction.

New York New York
The Strip - Las Vegas

Arrived about 2:30pm and checked into our hotel, Excalibur. They have just renovated some of the rooms which is why we chose this one, and very nice it is too. Went for a walk through New York, New York, Luxor, Mandalay Bay and MGM, then came back for a shower and to get ready for the show at Mirage - Cirque Du Soleil - Love (this is the Beatles one). There are 4-5 Cirque shows playing in Vegas and we saw advertising for a new one called Iris which is coming soon. Had a nice meal at Mirage first, pear, blue cheese and walnut pizza, then went to the 9:30pm session of the show which was excellent.

We are seeing another Cirque on Wednesday night - "O", so looking forward to it all ready. Walked back up the strip via Caesars Palace and now it is time for bed - early golf start tomorrow and my knees are VERY painful :-)

The Cosmopolitan
 Walked through a great hotel called Cosmopolitan - has curtains of crystals throughout, very classy - lots of bling!!

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