Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day 4 - Golf at Oak Creek and San Diego

Oak Creek Golf Club
 Had our last breakfast at the Hyatt Sommerfield Suites in El Segundo. Left there about 9:30 am and headed south. We went to Irvine which was about half way between LA and San Diego - to the Oak Creek Golf Club. It was a nice country style course and we both played a lot better. I needed to sink my putt on the last hole to halve the match - and I did! I won the game at Trump National so I am still one up!!

Jane at Oak Creek
 Had a late lunch after golf at the club - a really nice turkey sandwich. The food here is either really really nice or absolutely awful - there does not seem to be any in-between. Lots of nice healthy salads and light options on most menu's which is good. Learning to choose more wisely :-)

Beautiful scenery - again!
 Everyone there was very friendly, a lot of them had already been to Australia to play golf so they were very interested to hear about where we play at home and where we had played here. I am sure we will get a few visitors in the next few years who want to play at RQ!!.

Drove from there to the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in San Diego. Have checked in and had a shower. Have put some laundry in the machines now so we will finally have an hour to sit and relax for a change - we have been very busy until now (not complaining!). Might go and get an ice cream later to finish off the day.
Tomorrow is golf at Barona Creek.

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