Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 1 - Los Angeles

 We did have tickets last night to go and see the taping of a tv show but jet lag caught up with us instead, so we had a nice pizza for dinner then an early night. Slept until 8am. I was woken once by a man out on the balcony near our room talking on his phone. The other time was when text messages from Mort kept coming on Sean's phone giving us the a-league and super 15 scores! Have to say though that we both woke up after close to 12 hours feeling refreshed and ready to go.
Had breakfast at the hotel then headed to a big sports store to buy golf balls and golf gloves. Set the GPS to take us to play golf at Trump National Golf Course which was right on the coast and was very scenic. The rain that was forecast failed to arrive and the skies were blue and clear. It was windy and cool which I love when playing golf.

Trump National Golf Club
 Arrived and saw a beautiful red Ferrari parked in the driveway. I was admiring it and the valet said that I might recognize the owner - as he said this, Donald Trump walked around the corner right past us and headed out to leave in his Ferrari. Cool!

One of his feature water falls

Trump National LA

Very interesting holes
 We both played fairly average golf - some good and some bad, but the scenery was spectacular and the course was extremely well manicured. Really enjoyed the round, very lucky with the weather.

Bunkers !!
  Back to the hotel for a shower then drove to Hollywood. Had a wander up Rodeo Drive then went for dinner and the show at Hollywood Improv - comedy store. My dinner was pretty ordinary but Sean enjoyed his - apparently one of the chef's had walked out half way through the night so it was a bit slow!. Saw 3 comedians first then the main show was by Harland Williams - he was EXCELLENT. Really funny. A good night.

Rodeo Drive - beautiful shops :-)
 Nearly 12:30am now so time to go to sleep - Disneyland tomorrow

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